SIN FRONTERAS - Available Now On Wonderwheel Records

"The New York based Brooklyn Gypsies are an emerging collaboration project consisting of six urban nomads each deriving from an international origin with their own ancestral roots in gypsy music. The fusion of their individual styles and performances is apparent as soon as the group hits the stage, creating a syncretic new sound of “future roots” live- tronic music."
-Breaking Borders Interview_ by Rourke Healey October 27th 2016
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:: BK Gypsies Sin Fronteras Remix EP Is Out Now Released June 21st>>> Featuring mixes from Yuki Shimotakahara, Emch Subatomic and Corrado Bucci!!

:: New BK Gypsies EP Desobediencia Coming October 5th 2018 on Wonderwheel Recordings

Red Bull Panamérika Feature Exclusive "Supercore" - April 30th 2015

"Lo suyo es parrandear duro y hacerlo con sonidos que vengan de cualquier lugar del mundo. Ellos son Brooklyn Gypsies y como su nombre lo insinúa, traen un sonido gitano desde Nueva York que transmite un viaje interértnico por los rincones más distantes del planeta." Click to read full review

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